Buying a static caravan is a fantastic opportunity, providing your family with a holiday home in an instant. They are low maintenance, great fun for children, and the perfect space for family holidays and weekends away. If you’re thinking of buying a static caravan, here’s four questions you should ask yourself first.

Is it big enough?

Caravans are known for their brilliant ability to utilise space. But it’s still important to consider if the caravan you are viewing is big enough for your needs. Are there enough beds and sleeping space? Is there room for your luggage? Could you cook a family meal in the kitchen? You’ll want the ultimate comfort for your holiday home and these questions can help you choose the right sized caravan for you.

Are there local attractions?

You need to consider nearby attractions. Holidays are all about having fun, so make sure you are surrounded by it. Ensure there is something for everybody be it golf courses, shopping, theme parks or the beach. You should also consider the possibility of rainy days, and whether there are attractions to accommodate your family during wet weather.

Is it a good investment?

When buying anything, this question comes to the forefront. Is it a good investment? Is it worth the money you will be spending? Fortunately, caravans are a brilliant investment, especially if you make the most of it. You will enjoy the luxury of having a place to go, be it for weeks at a time, or simply a weekend getaway. You won’t have to worry about rising hotel prices, or lack of availability. Not only that, but caravan holidays are enjoyable for all ages, be it adults, teenagers or young children. This offers you many years of family memories made in your very own holiday home.

How are the facilities?

Make sure the caravan has adequate facilities for your needs. A great shower, good kitchen appliances and Wi-Fi are home comforts you will likely want. But consider the surrounding facilities too. Onsite restaurants, shops and entertainment will make for more enjoyable holidays, with tonnes of fantastic fun right on your doorstep.

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