Caravan holidays are, and always have been, really popular in the UK. It’s not hard to see why. With a caravan, you get everything you could possibly need, from kitchen facilities to cosy beds. Not only that, but caravan holidays are affordable. Many people even go on to buy their own caravans, giving them a permanent holiday home for the family. As such, here are some top tips for caravan holidays with the kids.

Plan ahead

One of the brilliant things about caravan holidays is you can get up and go, even at short notice. But it’s still wise to plan ahead, at least a little. Consider the journey time and pack some drinks and snacks for the children if necessary. Being organised will ensure a smooth transition into holiday mode, and means you won’t need to rush around when you arrive.

Pack your essentials

You don’t want to end up with a caravan full of clutter, so be sure to only pack the essentials. Clothes, toiletries, towels and food are mostly all you need. The children will likely want to pack toys and games, but be sure to limit them to their favourites. They will soon be distracted by all the holiday fun on offer, and may not get round to playing with everything if they pack too much.

Consider rainy days

Caravan holidays usually inspire ideas of trips to the beach, swimming in outdoor pools and walking in the sun. But don’t forget to consider rainy days as well. Fortunately, caravans are dry and warm and provide perfect shelter from the rain. This is where the toys and games come in handy, to ensure the children don’t get bored, and to enjoy quality family time. You can even curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy the sound of raindrops on the windows.

Check for nearby attractions

When you’re on holiday with children, it’s essential to check out nearby attractions. Fairgrounds, markets and child-friendly restaurants will ensure you have your pick of things to do and places to go. You can even choose caravans which are located onsite at attractions, to really make the most of their amenities.

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