Caravan holidays are a firm family favourite and great fun for all ages. However, when you are camping with teenagers there are some things you may need to consider. These will ensure a stress-free break, and the opportunity to make wonderful memories with your older children.


It can be tempting to go tech-free during holidays, but realistically, teenagers prefer not to be out of touch. Choosing a caravan with WiFi means they can contact friends, play games and stream TV and films. This is especially helpful for evenings in and rainy days.


Consider the local attractions on-site and nearby. Teenagers want to have fun, and it is important to pick a location that is enjoyable for teens and not just children. Consider a holiday park within a theme park, where endless activities are available every day. The rush and thrill of rides, photo opportunities, and delicious food options make theme parks the perfect location for a holiday with teens.

Spending money

All holidays require spending money, and it can be easy to get carried away. This is especially true with older children who may frequently ask for cash to buy things or use at arcades. Consider giving them their spending money for the duration of the holiday at the start of the week. This will encourage them to budget, and prioritise where they want to spend their money, and what on. Not only that, but it gives them responsibility.


On the subject of responsibilities, it is not just money they can take control of. You could also give them a set job on holiday. Be it washing up, making breakfast or tidying the living space. For older teens you can also allow them free time on the holiday, to go off on their own or with siblings or friends. This encourages independence and builds trust.


If your teen is the only teen in your holiday party, consider allowing them to invite a friend. Having somebody to talk to and visit attractions with can have a huge impact on their holiday and helps them make memories with all the people they love the most.

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