Static caravans make the perfect holiday home, all year round. Built for comfort, you can holiday during the winter without worry. But if you do feel the cold, and you’d like a little extra warmth, here are 4 ways to keep your static caravan nice and cosy during the winter.

Consider your furnishings

Furnishings are important in your holiday home, just as they are in your main residence. They add a personal touch, allowing you to style your home exactly as you want to. However, make sure the furnishings you choose will add warmth in winter. Thermal curtains help trap in the heat and keep out any drafts from the windows. Although, on sunny days, be sure to keep the curtains open to allow in the sun while it’s shining! You can also lay down thick rugs to keep it warm underfoot. Additionally, keep thick, cosy blankets on hand so you can wrap up warm. You might also wish to consider a heated blanket for extra comfort.

Radiators and heaters

Your caravan may have heating installed, but avoid simple errors that can prevent how effective they are. For example, don’t block the radiators with large items of furniture as this will stifle the distribution of heat. You can also use portable heaters which provide extra warmth quickly – there are many affordable options available which boast energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint too.


Consider external and internal insulation. Cladding can be used to ensure heat stays in the caravan and often has aesthetic benefits as well. Inside, you can use draft excluders at the doors and thermal underlay beneath laminate flooring.

Fun ways to keep warm

Caravan holidays are all about making happy family memories, so if you are feeling a little chilly, warm up the fun way! You can curl up together on the sofa, or get cosy in thick dressing gowns and slippers. You can make mugs of delicious hot chocolate and jazz them up with cream and marshmallows or use hot water bottles and heated bean bags.

If your family is considering a luxury holiday home, get in touch with Fantasy Island today. Caravan sales are now available at our award-winning holiday park and our modern and effective caravans make for the perfect holiday homes no matter the time of year.