2020 has proven to be the year of the staycation. Enjoying a break right on your own doorstep is more popular than ever, and now is the perfect time to look into the world of luxury holiday homes. If you have found your own little piece of paradise while browsing holiday homes in Skegness, you probably can’t wait to make your caravan your own.

Read on for some cosy tips to make your caravan feel like a real home from home.

Pick a theme

Since you’re going to be spending more time in your static caravan, you will want to make it homely. No more mismatched mugs or substandard bedding. You can even choose a colour scheme you love! Start looking online for inspiration. Do you want your caravan to feel more bohemian or turn it into a chic minimalist space? Anything is possible with your own tiny home from home!

Add textiles

Think about how you made your house feel like home and recreate those ideas. A bright throw or a stack of stylish cushions can make anywhere feel like your own private retreat. With comfy cosy accessories, you will be able to hunker down all year around – not confining your visits to the summer season.

Bring the outside in

Flowers make a lovely addition to your caravan, bringing a bright splash of colour. Potted plants placed outside of your caravan can help to create a homely entrance and houseplants can be used to create a tranquil environment within your caravan. Add family photos and suddenly, you’re right at home.

Think about storage

When you’re only staying somewhere briefly, you don’t worry about storage solutions. But when you’re going to be coming to your caravan more often, you want your space clutter-free. You may want to utilise wall space by adding shelves, especially in your bijou bathroom. Don’t worry about kitchen utensils being on display – it’s so on-trend right now and can add a rustic edge to your space.

Light it up

Bringing lamps into your caravan is a fantastic idea, especially for those winter nights! A more muted brightness is perfect for relaxing with your feet up after a busy day of Skegness fun. You can either have these as free-standing or create more space by attaching them to the walls – there are options for every design style you could dream of.

What are you waiting for? Start creating your perfect holiday home and you will be enjoying sensational Skegness staycations for years to come.