Have you purchased a static caravan for holidays in Skegness? Congratulations! A caravan represents one of the best investments keen vacationers can make and is sure to bring you untold joy. However, these luxury holiday homes require a certain level of upkeep, particularly if you want to ensure yours looks pristine and inviting in vacation snaps.

By carrying out routine care and maintenance on your caravan, you will save yourself and your family the effort of carrying out a full spring clean when things start to get grimy. After all, there’s nothing worse than settling down to enjoy a restful holiday and realising you have a list of chores to do.

Fortunately, regular maintenance sessions don’t have to take long. Here are a few basic tips to keep your home away from home looking fresh:

1. Be wary of leaves

Leaves may seem fairly harmless when they start settling on the roof of your caravan. However, they can cause significant damage if left to fester as they could create large patches of rust.

2. Check metal chains for signs of corrosion

Anchor chains should be assessed for signs of corrosion. Failure to do this simple step could compromise the structural integrity of your caravan!

3. Keep your caravan tidy

This sounds obvious, but it is very easy to let caravans get cluttered, particularly if you tend to bring lots of possessions with you on holiday. A messy living space can really impact your enjoyment of a vacation, so make sure to pack clothes away into designated storage areas and don’t leave the washing up untouched for hours on end!

4. Clean exterior walls

The exterior walls of caravans can get mucky very quickly, something which can quickly lead to damage or corrosion. Remember to clean these walls on a regular basis with a jet wash or a damp cloth.

5. Ensure that there is plenty of air circulating throughout the caravan

Prevent damp by regularly opening the windows of your caravan and removing any debris from air vents.

6. Check boiler, gas and electrical systems on a yearly basis

To ensure the ongoing safety of you and your family, you must carry out annual checks on the boiler, gas and electrical systems in your caravan.

7. Look after your plumbing and drainage system

This is very important for the long-term structural integrity of your caravan. Remember to inspect the system for blockages and drain all water from the cistern after you have flushed the toilet.

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As you can see, maintaining a static caravan in Skegness is relatively simple and stress-free. If you want to make the most of our amazing holiday homes, please do contact us today.